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Suitable for growth type, 3PL, cold storage and cold chain transportation enterprises.

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Using PC/PDA/PHONE and other intelligent devices, you can start with browsers.

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Build a private logistics cloud platform

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Suitable for large-scale, 3PL, cold storage and cold chain transportation.

Locally deployed, IOT mobile applications, "equipment, orders, personnel, platforms" efficient collaboration, Mobile self service, platform push and service experience are better.

Get "WMS7 and TMS7" try key.‍‍‍‍‍‍ 


E-commerce logistics park


Constructing 4PL service platform for the whole supply chain

Maku info 4PL platform is advanced.

First, meet the logistics park line management..

Support 3PL warehousing, transportation, distribution, cold chain, integration, etc.

Continuous innovation to enhance profitability


New agricultural products wholesale centre


Create experiential agricultural products MALL big data center

Familiar with business, with many large wholesale markets, more than 7 years of service experience.

Operating big data, MALL new ecosystem




Since 2010, Maku Information has been focusing on the cold chain logistics information service, facing the cold chain logistics center and the new agricultural products wholesale market. After years of product development and market accumulation, it has become the leading supplier of big data cloud service platform for cold chain logistics in China.Under the new situation, Maku through the "5 excellent services" to establish a long-term partnership with customers, focusing on practical results, the concept of common development, customers and the market widely recognized.

智慧冷库云服务平台(WMS7)专为冷库和三方库设计,兼容私库和公库、堆放和货架,收费方式灵活可定义,支持条码和RIFD、移动APP和预警。智慧运输云服务平台(TMS7)面向专线、三方和配送企业,支持线路优化和智能配载,流程和收费灵活可定义,支持GPS和全程温湿度。订单管理软件(OMS7)以订单为主线统一规划、调控和优化,满足订单接收、拆分、合并、分派、跟踪、溯源等可视化需求。OMS7与 WMS7、TMS7 集成,通过大数据优化流程、降低成本提高效率,帮助企业提升供应链创新服务能力。

The WMS7 is designed for cold storage and tripartite warehouses. It is compatible with private and public warehouses, stacking and shelves. The billing method flexible and definable. It supports bar code and RIFD, mobile APP and early warning.The TMS7 is designed for dedicated lines, tripartite and distribution enterprises. It supports route optimization and intelligent stowage allocation, flexible and definable flow and charge, and supports GPS and full range temperature and humidity.The OMS7 takes orders as the main line to unify the planning, regulation and optimization to meet the visual requirements of order receiving, splitting, merging, dispatching, tracking and tracing.OMS7, WMS7 and TMS7 to optimize the flow of big data, reduce costs and improve efficiency, and help enterprises to enhance the innovation service capability of supply chain.


The platform is based on JAVA technology SOA architecture, which ensures flexibility and scalability.In order to improve the customer experience, based on the H5 technology Bootstrap framework, support a variety of intelligent terminals, easy to use anytime, anywhere, greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises!

专注—冷链物流信息化  专业—大数据云服务技术供应商   用心—5优服务、合作创新、共同发展

Focus -Cold chain logistics informatization,Major -Big data cloud service technology provider,Attentively -5 excellent services, cooperative innovation and common development

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